Priest Services / Hall Booking

Ved Mandir provides Pujaris for various ceremonies at the Mandir or at another location (devotee’s home or office). The minimum recommended donations are outlined below.

        Type of Puja/Service In Mandir Outside Mandir
        Archana (small) $21.00 n/a
        BABY SHOWER $401.00 $151.00
        BHAJANS $301.00 n/a
        Bhoomi n/a $125.00
        Birthday $75.00 $125.00
        Car $25.00 n/a
        ENGAGEMENT $501.00 $251.00
        General $75.00 $125.00
        Grah Pravesh n/a $125.00
        Hanuman Chalisa 101 $125.00 $151.00
        Havan $75.00 $125.00
        JANEU $501.00 $251.00
        Kriya Karam for 13th Day $151.00 $251.00
        Kundali Dosh Nivaran Puja $75.00 $125.00
        Kundali Making & Matching $51.00 n/a
        MAATA KI CHOWKI $301.00 $151.00
        Mundan $75.00 $125.00
        Naam Karan $75.00 $125.00
        Nav Grah $75.00 $125.00
        Office n/a $125.00
        Puja before Bhajans $75.00 $125.00
        Ramayan $75.00 $125.00
        Rashi $25.00 n/a
        Rudrabhishek (big) $101.00 $151.00
        Satyanarayan $75.00 $125.00
        Shraaddh $75.00 $125.00
        Sundarkand $75.00 $125.00
        WEDDING CEREMONY $751.00 $351.00

The above recommended donations are in addition to any "dakshina" for the pujari. Dakshina is at the discretion and generosity of the devotee. Above charges include use of the Mandir Hall for up to about an hour. Except, in the case of BABY SHOWER, BHAJANS, ENGAGEMENT, JANEU and MAATA KI CHOWKI the devotees are allowed to use the hall and kitchen for up to 4 hours. And in the case of WEDDING CEREMONY devotees are allowed to use the hall and kitchen for up to 5 hours.

The Mandir Hall and Kitchen are also available for rent without using the priest services. The minimum recommended donation for hall rental is $201 for weekdays and $301 for weekends. The Mandir Hall and Kitchen are available for rent from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Use of the hall is allowed for approximately 4 hours during those hours. The Hall must be vacated and cleaned no later than 4:30 p.m. In the event you are unable to clean, a minimum suggested donation of $101.00 is requested to pay for the cost of cleaning. This amount of $101.00 will be charged as a deposit to ensure cleaning of the temple hall and kitchen and will be refunded only if the temple hall and kitchen are cleaned satisfactorily.

All donations to the temple for Puja or for Hall use must be paid by check, payable to “Ved Mandir” If you are unable to pay by check, please contact Rita & Manjeet Chandhok in advance. Also, please make sure to get a receipt for all cash donations.

For further information on scheduling please contact:
Rita / Manjeet Chandhok 732.821.0404

You may also send an email. Please include your name, phone number, type of puja, date/time of event, and whether it is to be held at the temple or another location.

Want more Information? Send us an email!